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Sofía Vergara finally gives the world an update on Joe Manganiello

It’s good news from Sofía Vergara. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Modern Family actress finally spoke out about her husband Joe Manganiello’s condition, saying that he’s “doing great!” This comes after three weeks of waiting to hear his status and if he was OK. She sure knows how to build the suspense.

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A few weeks ago the actor was rushed to the hospital and given emergency surgery, and we know now that luckily everything went great. Unfortunately, Vergara didn’t go into what happened to Manganiello, so we’re still not sure what put him in the hospital. She avoided the question, only saying, “He’s OK. He had a little problem, but now he’s good.”

Some have reported that the actor’s appendix burst, but since no one has confirmed it, we can’t say for sure. We do know that just before his surgery, he was set to play a role in an eight-episode drama on the History Channel about SEAL Team Six, but dropped out suddenly due to physical restraints. If you’ve ever seen Magic Mike, you know that there’s not a lot of physical restrictions Manganiello has, so it leads us to believe it is something going on internally.

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The good news is, whatever it is, he’s doing well and in good spirits. A lot of his great recovery is probably due to the fact that Vergara is the one taking care of him. I imagine he’s soaking up every minute of her nursing him back to health.

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It’s unlikely that he’ll start work again on the drama, but we hope that whatever put him in the hospital in the first place has been taken care of so he can get back to work soon. Get well soon, Joe!

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