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Did Michael Weatherly seriously just tease future NCIS appearances?

It’s no secret that Michael Weatherly will make his final appearance as Tony DiNozzo in the NCIS Season 13 finale on Tuesday, May 17. That said, based on an interview with TV Insider about his exit, Weatherly says this might not be the last time fans see him as DiNozzo. Say what now?

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After his departure was announced, I assumed that just because Weatherly would make his official leave after Season 13, it wouldn’t be the last time viewers would see him. I mean, he has to at least come back for the NCIS series finale (whenever that happens), right?

Well, it sure seems like that will definitely happen, if you ask Weatherly. As he told TV Insider, he would come back to NCIS if the story line really needed him to. The 47-year-old actor is open to appearing in the other NCIS franchises, like he did in 2015 for NCIS: Los Angeles. He said, “I wanted to do L.A. because I knew I was leaving. I really wanted DiNozzo to touch all corners of the NCIS universe before I had to go.”

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Despite his impending exit (I can’t believe it’s right around the corner), it’s good to know that Tony DiNozzo could pop up somewhere in the future of the NCIS world.

Plus, the way Weatherly is talking about returning as Tony, that means he won’t die in the Season 13 finale, right? There have been talks and worry about it happening, not to mention fans will soon see an NCIS colleague fighting for his/her life, per TV Guide. Weatherly also told TV Insider, “There will be carnage and death and destruction. I’ve never worked harder on an episode to hit all the right emotional beats.”

There’s no doubt the finale will be an emotional roller coaster, especially for die-hard Tony fans like myself, but I’m going to continue to believe that DiNozzo will be alive and kicking by episode’s end.

With that, it’s great to hear that Weatherly isn’t ready to leave Tony DiNozzo behind for good just yet.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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