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Katy Perry, Rita Ora’s ‘Becky’ pins won the Met Gala afterparty circuit

Katy Perry and Rita Ora are in on the same joke and they made sure everyone knew it at the Met Gala afterparties.

Both singers were spotted wearing a very specific pin when they changed out of their Gala gowns and into their party duds, and the effect was a funny take on a major pop culture moment.

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As it turns out, they’re not the only two “not Beckys” at the party. Organizers of the shindig had the pins made up for all attendees — but Perry and Ora were definitely the most interesting to don them. In fact, Ora sported hers for the rest of the night while party-hopping!

Could these pins be what Solange Knowles was tweeting about when she threw some major shade at an unknown attendee last night?
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Of course, when called on to spill who she was dissing, she took the easy way out.
Or it could have been meant for Taylor Swift, who knows a thing or two about being a Becky.

Solange, for the record, was not wearing a “Not Becky” pin.

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