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Nanny-shaming takes over There Goes the Motherhood

Mom-shaming is clearly a central theme on There Goes the Motherhood, and this is definitely understandable to some extent. Despite the best of efforts, disagreements are going to arise when several moms with radically different parenting styles spend a significant amount of time together. However, it would be nice if the show’s mothers at least made some effort to stifle their mom-shaming impulses. The goal of their mommy group is ostensibly to create an atmosphere of trust, but if its members feel so comfortable with piling on the accusations, that trust is not likely to develop over time.

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A few minor disagreements cropped up during the show’s first two episodes, but now, the drama is in full force. This was evident in a new clip that featured an argument viewers have anticipated from the very beginning: Does Beth Bowen have a nanny, and if she does, does that make her a worse mother than the others? After skirting around the issue for some time, the topic was finally brought up during a group session. Beth Bowen vehemently denied having a live-in nanny, although she admitted that she did have a nanny for a few days. It didn’t work out, but Bowen still wishes she had somebody to help out.

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The other moms didn’t explicitly say that they thought hiring a nanny would have made Bowen a bad mom, but based on the awkward atmosphere, it’s safe to say that most look down on mothers with live-in nannies. However, they are also aware that vocalizing this opinion would make them come across as judgmental. Thus, the moms framed the issue as being one of honesty. Bowen did not talk about her three days of living with a nanny, so therefore, she is presenting a false image to the rest of the cast.

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By the end of the clip, Bowen appeared to have cleared the air about her nanny (or lack thereof). However, based on the tension in the room, this issue was by no means resolved. Chances are, the mothers will continue to speak ill of Bowen in future episodes. Will they finally admit that they think of Bowen as a lesser mom? Or will they continue to veil the issue behind accusations of dishonesty? Only time will tell.

Check out the exclusive clip below.

What do you think of There Goes the Motherhood thus far? Do you agree with the cast’s thoughts on Beth Bowen’s alleged dishonesty?

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