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Kanye West is Mr. Kardashian during E! interview and doesn’t look pleased about it

Kim Kardashian has made her career partly based on a great relationship with the press. She dyes her hair? Someone is writing about it. She’s trying a new workout? People want to hear about it. She posts an Instagram photo of herself naked? That’s dozens and dozens of essays. Kanye West, on the other hand, is absolutely not concerned.

It’s especially interesting when we get to see that dynamic in tandem, like in last night’s E! interview with the couple on the Met Gala red carpet. Kardashian patiently answers some run-of-the-mill red carpet questions. West, well, does not.

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West is in the background, shifting from foot to foot and looking around. I’d understand this behavior from a civilian who doesn’t have to walk red carpets as part of his job. From an international rap star? It’s a little surprising. Obviously, he’s not required to participate in the red carpet-Met Gala celebrity spectacle — it does seem like a bit of nightmare — but as Kim Kardashian’s husband, you’d think he’d be more game to get involved.

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Like a true pro, Kardashian does gracefully try to bring the outsider into the conversation. “I’m just excited to have a date night, you know, with my husband,” she emphasizes. For his part, West doesn’t want to talk about his outfit at all. “Were these [color contacts] a part of the look, or just something you wanted to do tonight?” he’s asked.

“Vibes,” he answers. Vibes, indeed.

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