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Michael Strahan makes promise to Kelly Ripa, but actions speak louder than words

With all the drama surrounding Michael Strahan’s Live! departure, I can’t quite blame him for sticking to his story. Just like any halfway decent employee, he gave two weeks’ notice and is going around telling everyone who asks that he had a great work experience.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
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At Monday’s Met Gala, he spoke to Extra about how excited he is for his new gig on Good Morning America, but made sure to mention just how lovely his time was at Live!. “It’s a great opportunity and going to be a great experience,” he said. “I love Live! I loved being there four years. I’m not gone. I’m still part of the Live! family, and I’m always around and going to be there whenever they call.”

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But if Ripa’s words are any indication, he shouldn’t be waiting around for that call. She couldn’t risk getting a few pointed jokes in as she described the run-up to Strahan’s departure.

“We’ll remember, we’ll reminisce, we’re gonna look back at the fun times we had together,” said Ripa. “Wait ’til you see all the stuff that we’ve done. You’re not gonna believe it… So, join us for Michael’s Flashback Friday Farewell on Friday the 13th!”

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She’s not pulling any punches. “You can’t plan this!” she joked. “You literally cannot plan it.”

Strahan will still be contracted by ABC, so I imagine that technically, he’ll be allowed to guest host or visit if and when that call does come. Do you think we’ll see that day?

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