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Below Deck: Mediterranean‘s Tiffany Copeland should get off her high horse

Below Deck: Mediterranean has arrived, and already tension is mounting. A few of the show’s cast members are a bit lackadaisical on the job and, needless to say, they aren’t getting on that well with their yacht’s more ambitious crew members.

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Right off the bat, Jen Riservato made a poor impression when she failed to get up on time and attempted to make Bobby Giancola cover for her. She got a talking to from her superior and immediately lashed out at Giancola for not protecting her. She’s by no means the only crew member with a bad attitude, for, although she committed the ultimate no-no by sleeping in, one of the inside employees was even more annoying: Tiffany Copeland.

Tiffany Copeland
Image: Bravo

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Copeland has a very impressive résumé — she used to work as a marine biologist. Now, however, she’s working her way up in the yachting world. On some level, she recognizes that she needs to gain familiarity with a variety of positions before she can achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a captain. However, she clearly views some jobs as beneath her. This was evident the moment she began chatting with chief stew Hannah Ferrier. When Ferrier asked Copeland about whether she preferred working as a deckhand to inside stew jobs, Copeland made it abundantly clear which aspect of yachting she found more fulfilling.

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Copeland’s admission wouldn’t have been a big deal if she’d stopped there. After all, everybody has preferences. However, she later admitted that she would much rather clean up bird poop outside than dust the yacht’s interior. Her disinterest was also evident when she turned in early for the night, leaving more work for the rest of the crew. As expected, Ferrier — who works super hard to ensure a perfect experience for her guests — was not pleased.

Hannah Ferrier
Image: Bravo

One could argue that Copeland’s dismissive attitude is just a result of editing. However, her attitude seemed just as negative on Twitter as it was on television.

Cleaning up after yacht guests may not be exciting, but it’s still an important job. Regardless of her previous employment, Copeland needs to give her new position and her fellow employees the respect they deserve. A good leader recognizes the contributions of all crew members, and if Copeland intends to be a captain one day, she needs to take her current job seriously.

What did you think of the Below Deck: Mediterranean premiere? Were you bothered by Tiffany Copeland’s attitude? Comment and share your opinion below.

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