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Jenelle Evans is losing fans again, and it’s not even for a good reason

We get it: Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is controversial, and she’s done a lot in her past that has raised eyebrows. But she’s angering her fans again, and this time, it’s not even for a very good reason.

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Evans recently took to Instagram to share an image of herself and her latest promotional item: Leaner Creamer. Smiling into the camera, she captioned the image, “Fell in love with my @leanercreamer In LA it’s been helping curb my cravings and it tasted so delicious in my coffee this morning #leanercreamer #coffee #love #fitmom.”
It’s very clear that this is a promotional plug (and yes, it’s not her first one), and it seems that fans have finally had enough. There are multiple comments on the image from annoyed followers who have vowed that this is the end of the road for themselves and Evans.

“Alright. Done with commercials. Unfollowing,” @melanie723 wrote.

And she was not the only one.

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“Unfollowing – been following for 2 weeks and it’s all about product ads,” @shanp927 shared.

“Unfollowing .. Damn with the promotions …” @daija_rene_ wrote, adding, “It’s ridiculous!!”

Others criticized Evans for promoting multiple diet products and not even opening the bottle of the Leaner Creamer (for the record, we think it is open).

“Good grief, you’re literally promoting every diet supplement on the market. Which one is actually working?” @lujanmommy asked.

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And @brannandi appeared to be annoyed by the image for a different reason, writing, “jenelle is just so amazing! She can even use products without opening the bottles.”

When you’re following someone on Instagram, there is a fine line between finding what they have to say (or sell) interesting and getting annoyed, but would you unfollow someone for promoting products? Or is enough simply enough? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Teen Mom Janelle Evans arrested slideshow
Image: North Myrtle Beach Police Department

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