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We shouldn’t punish Nyle DiMarco for being confident

Nyle DiMarco faced a tough week on Dancing with the Stars after a few comments he made. In the package before his dance last week, DiMarco called himself the frontrunner in the competition and said that he doesn’t see any of the other stars as competition. As you can imagine, it didn’t sit well with many people.

The model, who has been vlogging his entire experience for People, addressed the comments he made and the reaction people have had toward him in a video earlier today. “So much happened in our package this past Monday on the live show, and I feel like it was kind of a negative perspective of me,” DiMarco explained. “It showed me as kind of being arrogant and cocky, and that’s not who I am.”

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As the first deaf contestant on the show, he’s extremely vulnerable to miscommunication. Not only does he speak through a translator, but he also gets cut and edited by the show’s producers after that. He’s not in a great position to get his intended message across to the audience and his fellow stars.

DiMarco has high hopes that he and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, will bounce back this week after he’s able to explain that he isn’t the arrogant contestant that his package portrayed him to be. And I think we definitely should all give him the chance.

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At its core, DWTS is a competition. Although it is fun to watch the dances and see the stars work together with the dancers, it’s about finding one winner. Why are we surprised that any of the competitors are boastful about their talents? It’s only natural for someone in a competition to believe they’re the best. Otherwise, how can they expect to win?

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I understand that many people want it to be a light-hearted show, but these stars are putting in crazy hours rehearsing and performing — they should be able to brag a little bit!

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