Kate Upton’s Met Gala dress has got nothing on her huge engagement ring

Kate Upton revealed the biggest and brightest accessory at the Met Gala: her brand new engagement ring. The actress showed up to the red carpet in a gorgeous single-sleeve shimmering gown, but everyone’s eyes went directly to her ring finger and its new rock!

Kate Upton Engaged
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The 23-year-old definitely knows how to make an entrance. Especially at an event known for show-stopping looks. Upton confirmed to E! News that Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tigers pitcher, popped the question right before baseball season started and that the couple has been keeping the news to themselves for quite some time. She said, “I’m really excited to finally be able to share it with the world!”

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She and Verlander have been together for over three years, which she has joked is “forever in Hollywood, right?” So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they decided to start planning their forever together.

And just as they were in no rush to announce their engagement, the couple isn’t looking to rush down the aisle either. Upton said that for now, they’re happy “enjoying the engagement period.”

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Who wouldn’t with a ring as beautiful as hers?

Verlander, who is 10 years older than Upton, has previously said that the two have a very normal relationship. Upton credits the fact that they focus on communication for their successful relationship. She also added, “We’re very open with one another and we’re each other’s best friends. He’s definitely my best friend, so I think that helps a lot.”

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It sounds like they are making all the right steps by taking their time, keeping their lines of communication open and honest, and, of course, having their unofficial engagement party be the 2016 Met Gala! Some girls have all the luck.

We wish the happy couple all the best! And I personally can’t wait to see what she picks as her wedding dress.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Met Gala 2016
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