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Brandi Redmond’s potty language is ruining RHOD

If you’ve watched even two minutes of The Real Housewives of Dallas, you’ve figured out that Brandi Redmond is oddly infatuated with human excrement. At first, the poop talk was amusing and even a bit refreshing. Then, by weeks two and three, it started to feel a bit excessive. Now, we’re just four episodes in and the word “poop” is starting to feel like Redmond’s version of Yolanda Foster’s “journey,” but much more juvenile.

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Poop was once again the name of the game tonight, with the fallout of the memorable poop hat incident still creating tension among the Housewives. I was really hoping that the show would move forward with a new and more interesting theme, but instead, it went, dare I say… down the toilet.

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The latest and greatest device for advancing the plot was the discovery of LeeAnne Locken’s own very traumatic encounter with human waste. Apparently, she once soiled herself while inebriated. Needless to say, Redmond was over the moon when she heard the exciting news. She is eager to hold this discovery over Locken’s head as often as possible, which means we’re bound to continue hearing about poop on a regular basis.

Image: Bravo

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Most viewers took issue with Redmond’s language from the very beginning, but a few were willing to tolerate her early on. Now, however, people are rapidly jumping ship. While live tweeting tonight’s episode, several disgruntled viewers shared their disdain for Redmond’s very limited vocabulary.

Bravo’s Real Housewives shows have been disappointingly repetitive as of late. RHOD fortunately does not appear to have a fake illness plot, but its emphasis on poop is bound to get just as annoying as Lisa Rinna’s determination to blame the Munchausen drama on everybody else… or as annoying as Vicki Gunvalson’s continued willingness to make excuses for Brooks Ayers. At least those common tropes have some subtext. There’s really not much to say about an ugly poop hat or an unfortunate loss of bowel control. Please, Bravo, give us something new!

What do you think of Brandi Redmond’s language on RHOD? Do you find it annoying or amusing? Comment and share your opinion below.

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