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Alisan Porter dominates The Voice with one of the most emotional songs yet

Alisan Porter has enjoyed the status of frontrunner on The Voice for a long time, but tonight sealed the deal: She is the most likely to emerge from Season 10 a champion — and to secure Christina Aguilera her very first victory. Not only does Porter have a powerful voice, she also now possesses the emotional punch that viewers have been looking for all season.

Alisan Porter
Image: NBC

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Viewers always love a good sob story, and while it would be unfair to reduce Porter’s journey to a calculated, but nevertheless tearjerking reality TV moment, it’s hard to deny that her tale of redemption is perfect for The Voice. Although she didn’t offer up a lot of details about her past struggle with addiction, Porter did address her journey through song, using her stunning voice to capture the most difficult time in her life. Her song choice — Patty Griffin’s “Let Him Fly” — was perfect, as always, but based on how much emotion she brought to the stage, she could have transformed the worst possible song into a vocal masterpiece.

Alisan Porter
Image: NBC

The coaches always adore Porter, and while some critics claim that she garners way too much praise, she definitely deserved the accolades she received tonight. Aguilera was especially proud; she applauded the singer for sharing “such a personal heartfelt story,” adding that “pulling back the curtain” can be more challenging than hitting high notes.

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Needless to say, viewers were, like the coaches, very, very impressed with Porter’s latest performance. Porter has consistently delivered stellar performances all season long, but as several delighted fans noted on Twitter, tonight marked an emotional breakthrough.

A lot of people scoff at sob stories on The Voice, but I think they fuel some of the show’s most stunning performances. When artists are able to personally connect to the music, they shine that much brighter.

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I’m so glad that Porter was courageous enough to share her story through song. I have no doubt that she’ll continue to deliver exceptional performances as Season 10 draws to a close.

What did you think of Alisan Porter’s latest performance on The Voice? Was it just another sob story or do you think it was a breakthrough for the Season 10 frontrunner? Comment and share your opinion below.

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