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It’s back on! Jessa Duggar confirms she and Ben are prepping to adopt

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Let it never be said that Jessa Duggar is not tenacious. The new mom and star of Counting On has been talking about adopting another child with husband Ben Seewald for a while now, and it looks like the two are moving forward with their plans.

According to Jessa in an episode of Counting On earlier this season, the couple has been told they should wait until son Spurgeon is at least 9 months old before actively pursuing adoption, but that apparently isn’t slowing Jessa or Ben down. They’ve already begun the paperwork, as well as made plans for a home study (an assessment of prospective adoptive parents to decide if they’re suitable for adoption). The Seewalds had actually been making adoption plans; they even discussed it while courting, but shelved their plans when they learned they were about to be parents.

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Jill Duggar’s Instagram is cluttered with fans speculating that she’s pregnant with her second child. The idea is rife with controversy, considering that Jill and husband Derick Dillard are currently living in Central America, where the Zika virus is wreaking havoc, especially for pregnant women. Neither Jessa nor Jill has been specific about the number of children they want — Jessa has said that she and Ben would welcome any amount of children God brought them, “whether that be just one or whether it be more, we’ll be grateful.” Ben Seewald has “joked” (is he really joking, though?) about wanting 15 sons, but Jessa imagines a coed brood.

Jill and Derick have also mentioned adopting, potentially from Central America, so they could return from their mission trip with baby No.2. Since their son Israel is over the 9-month mark, there’s nothing to stop them from bringing another child home with them. Is there a competition between Jill and Jessa to see who can have a second kid? I have many questions about how either of them isn’t already pregnant again, seeing as the Duggars and their ilk actively eschew birth control, but that’s a question for another time or maybe for the Counting On producers next season.

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Which Duggar sister will have baby No. 2 first? Do you think Jessa and Jill are competing with one another? Tell us in the comments!

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