Will Scandal give Olivia pregnancy No. 2 or just hide her bump with a lamp?

May 2, 2016 at 8:24 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Kerry Washington is expecting her second child! But what does her happy news mean for her Scandal character, Olivia Pope?

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Personally, I'm hoping that the show doesn't just hide her pregnancy like they did in Season 3 with oversized coats and cleverly placed table props.

Rather, it could be that a second pregnancy is the charm for Olivia Pope, who had a much talked about abortion at the end of last year before the show took its holiday break.

She decided to abort because she wasn't ready to have a baby with Fitz. Plus, things were so rocky in their relationship. She didn't even tell Fitz she was pregnant.

Now, the bigger question is if the show does decide to incorporate Washington's pregnancy into Season 6, will the baby daddy be Fitz or Jake? Right now, all signs point to Jake since Olivia went back to loving him a few episodes back when he decided to get married. What is it with this woman and bad timing? If Jake can leave his now-wife and stop being so creepy long enough to form a decent relationship with Olivia, these two could maybe, possibly make it work.

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Yeah, even I'm not so sure about that one...

Clearly I'm Team Fitz all the way. Olitz is endgame. They've just got to figure out what that means for both of them when Fitz leaves the White House. With Season 5 wrapping up in just a few weeks, that might be too much to squeeze into one season with Washington's real-life pregnancy growing by the week. But that's the beautiful thing about Scandal. It definitely has the potential to take us all by surprise.

Even more, there's no telling where Season 6 will even pick up. If it's a few months down the line, every relationship could be at a different point, making a baby much easier to integrate.

Although, stay-at-home mom Olivia will never be in the cards.

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Looks like Olivia Pope won't be ready for a baby by the end of Season 6, after all. TVLine has reportedly learned from ABC that the season will be cut from 21 episodes down to 16 in order to accommodate Washington's baby bump and pregnancy.

How do you think Scandal should handle Kerry Washington's pregnancy? Do you want Fitz or Jake to be Olivia's baby daddy if the show incorporates Washington's baby bump?

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