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Gilmore Girls star promises a ‘classic’ reboot — but what does that mean?

The Gilmore Girls revival coming to Netflix is closer than ever, which means new details surface daily about what fans can expect. For example, Milo Ventimiglia dropped information about Gilmore Girls to Entertainment Weekly and had some interesting things to say about everybody’s favorite characters living in Stars Hollow.

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Specifically, he said, “I think people should be excited about classic Gilmore. There was something about that show that was so spot on in pop culture, and historical reference, and just really good heartfelt, belly-laughter, crying. It touched on so much. That I think that’s probably going to be the thing that — at least [in] the scripts that I’ve read — It’s just classic Gilmore. It’s classic, classic Gilmore Girls. And I think that’s what the fans could look forward to.”

I’m sure when fans hear “classic Gilmore Girls,” that gives them a good feeling. I know I’m looking forward to fresh, new episodes, but it’s a must that they also incorporate that Gilmore Girls feel that viewers know and love. That said, what exactly does Ventimiglia mean by “classic Gilmore Girls“? I don’t think there is one particular answer, but several. Basically, viewers probably have their own interpretation for it, because Gilmore Girls means something different to each fan.

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So, I’m going to try to do my best to explain what Ventimiglia means by “classic Gilmore Girls” — or at least what it means to me.

1. Lots of pop culture and historical references

When didn’t Rory and Lorelai watch a classic movie, talk about what was happening in the news today or make a hilarious reference to something from pop culture that usually resonated with every fan watching?

2. Lots of drama and boy trouble

Rory and Lorelai always attracted drama and boy trouble. I mean, fans are still debating who Rory should end up with: Dean, Logan or Jess.

3. Lots of rash decisions

The Gilmore girls were really good at rushing into things, like that time Lorelai married Christopher. Here’s hoping that never happens ever again.

4. Lots of humor and sarcasm

This is key to producing successful episodes and it wouldn’t be the same without it.

5. Lots of town events

Who else can’t wait to see what seasonal event is happening in Stars Hollow today? Will they be the same? Will they be new? It doesn’t matter because I have no doubt they will still be fantastic.

6. Lots of fast talking

Gilmore Girls isn’t Gilmore Girls without it.

7. Lots of fans rooting for one relationship over another

Who are you? Team Jess? Team Logan? Team Dean? Team Rory? Team Lorelai and Luke?

I assume those are just a few of the “classic Gilmore Girls” things fans can expect. Are you even more excited than you were before? Me, too. Me, too.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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