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Reba McEntire talking about her mom is all you need to read on Mother’s Day


Who doesn’t love Reba McEntire? I mean, she’s a country icon-turned-actress-turned-clothing-line-designer-and-owner (what, you didn’t know she had an eponymous clothing line at Dillard’s?). How could you not love such a strong, successful, powerful woman?

And with Mother’s Day coming up, it felt like an appropriate time to ask her a few questions about her mom, Jacqueline (Smith) McEntire. But then we said screw it and decided, why not dedicated the entire interview to her mom? From the quirky personality trait she gets from her mom, to what it’s like to be mother-in-law to Kelly Clarkson, McEntire spills it all.

Without further ado…

SheKnows: First off, why is your mother your WCE (Woman Crush Everyday)?

Reba McEntire: My mama is my best friend. We have fun, we can talk about anything, she always is on my side but really quick to tell me when I’m wrong. That’s a true friend. She’s loyal, smart, witty and intelligent. She loves family and loves to travel. All the things I love!

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SK: What’s the biggest lesson your mom taught you?

RM: “Be on time.” When Mama said, “We’re leaving at 3,” you had better be in the car. Susie and I were in the back seat at 2:50. We didn’t want to get run off and left!

“When you say you’re going to do something, do it.” Mama was a stickler on keeping your word. That’s helped me to make the right decisions in so many situations. Because of that, I also think really hard before I make a decision because I know I’m going to have to see it through.

SK: What’s a quirky personality trait you got from your mom? And why do you love it so much?

RM: Having a great sense of humor. Mama is funny. She has a great sense of humor and loves a good joke. Loves a practical joke, too. Watch out!

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SK: When was the first time you said to yourself, “OMG. I’m becoming my mother”?

RM: Early on. When I would get on to Shelby in a certain way, I knew I was echoing something Mama had said or done. I loved it.

SK: Do you have a tradition on Mother’s Day? If so, what is it?

RM: I send Mama flowers and a card.

SK: How are you, your mother and your grandmother all alike?

RM: We all love being outdoors. Grandma was in her garden or fishing; Mama loves to fish and I love to be outside. We all love the Lord.

SK: Do any of your songs or songs in general remind you of your mom? If so, which one(s) and why?

RM: I think my song that reminds me of Mama is “I’m A Survivor” because she is one. Also, any older song, especially any World War II songs remind me of Mama. She goes around the house either whistling or singing all the time. It drives my sister Alice crazy when we’re playing games and Mama does that while it’s Alice’s turn!

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SK: Mother-in-laws sometimes get a bad rap. What are some misconceptions about being a mother-in-law?

RM: I love my mother-in-law and I think I’m a really good one, too. It’s a stereotype that has been proven wrong and right over the years. I’m the type that I don’t interfere or get into their business, I only give advice when asked and I love to hang out with them.

SK: What do you love most about being a mother-in-law (especially to Kelly Clarkson)?

RM: Kelly and I have been friends since she won American Idol in 2002. We toured, recorded and had a blast vacationing together. I was thrilled when she officially became a part of the family. She’s a great mom, wife and friend. She’s always in a great mood, even when she was throwing up all day long when she was pregnant. She always has a great outlook. She’s very grateful for what she has and that goes a long way with me.

P.S. You can check out McEntire’s Reba collection at Dillard’s. It has everything from women’s clothing and shoes to home decor.

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