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Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend gets sucked into her custody battle

Jenelle Evans’ custody battle with her ex, Nathan Griffith, is getting plenty of airtime on Teen Mom — especially now that somehow her boyfriend is involved.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, it’s revealed that Griffith somehow thought it would be a good idea to text Evans’ boyfriend David Eason about seeing little Kaiser, and no one seems to think this is weird.

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“He did text me and said, ‘When can I see my son?'” Eason tells Evans in the clip.

“Right now, right now, I want you to text him and be like, ‘Hey, I just saw all this, and we were just discussing about you seeing Kaiser. Have you got his necessities for him yet?'” Evans tells him. “So it doesn’t look like, when we go to court, that we’re ignoring him.

“Oh, and say, ‘And we need to know the location of where [you] will be staying,'” she adds. “Send it.”

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It is unclear why Evans is passing this duty off on her boyfriend instead of taking the reins and texting her ex back herself, even if Griffith did text Eason and not her. Kaiser is her son, not Eason’s, and the couple is not married — or even engaged.

Griffith’s response is rather puzzling too, notably in the once piece of information he does not want to share with Eason.

“I have [the necessities] and I will [send you pictures]. Also, I do not feel comfortable telling either one of you where I live. I hope Kaiser is doing great, and once I am able to see my son… I’ll send you a picture of the stuff I have.”

Evans waged war against Griffith after he allegedly took Kaiser out of state without her permission.

Watch the complete episode of Teen Mom, including Evans’ and Eason’s reply to Griffith, on tonight’s episode on MTV.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Teen Mom Janelle Evans arrested slideshow
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