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Why is anyone still surprised by Farrah Abraham’s inappropriate pics of Sophia?

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Would it really be a day in our lives if people weren’t having a collective aneurysm over something a celebrity posted on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat? No. Today’s offender is a predictable classic: Teen Mom OG‘s Farrah Abraham, whose picture of her daughter, Sophia, with the words, “So this is why the playground is popular – oh boy,” has destroyed the will to live of her Instagram followers once again.

I would really carefully consider how much you need to read the comments on this post, but luckily, I read them for you. There’s so much vitriol for what actually isn’t anywhere near the worst thing Abraham has ever done or said about her daughter. I guess if you want to see it as sexualizing Sophia, go for it, but it seems like people need to see Sophia as a potential stripper as opposed to just being a kid playing on a pole. Maybe kids on the playground just really like Sophia? Maybe Abraham brings excellent snacks for everyone? It is possible that people are reacting to the “#parenthood few do it right” comment she made, because, well, Abraham’s parenting has been questionable at times. It’s most likely a combination of the two, as well as the fact that Abraham continues to exist. It seems like those who bothered to comment on the post are well-seasoned Farrah haters, and they spend a lot of time on her Instagram/Snapchat letting her know how awful they think she is.

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At this point, are we really surprised by what Abraham does, or what she posts on Instagram? (And is it super absolutely necessary to say disgusting things about Sophia? I’ll answer that one for you: Nope.) There’s a good argument to be made that unfollowing Abraham on all her social media would be good for people’s mental health, although it might feed Abraham’s tendency to seek attention. There are some outliers in the comments, suggesting that people might find something else to do with their time, which sounds like a really good solution to me. Abraham isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, or changing how she lives her life, and it’s not like she’s unaware of how most people feel about her. The hate that dominates the comments on this post, though, is terribly indicative of how much and what kind of attention she’ll continue to get.

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What do you think of Abraham’s photo of Sophia? Should her haters stop following her on social media? Tell us in the comments.

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