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Gigi Hadid’s fashion ode to Zayn Malik could mean things are pretty serious

Hey, have you heard that Gigi Hadid is dating Zayn Malik? Hadid is a world-famous model who’s landed seven(!) Vogue covers. But she’s also dating a male pop star, which means that news about her — including her own photo shoots — have started to center on Malik.

In many ways, the two young stars are working together to lift each other up. As we know, thanks to her never-ending birthday week, Hadid is 21 years old. Malik is 23. They’ve both done more in their short careers than many people do in a lifetime, but thanks to each other, Hadid now gets to star in music videos and Malik gets to grace the pages of Vogue. Sharing your lives: that’s part of what a good relationship is all about.

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But does it really mean wearing your boyfriend’s name around your neck when he’s not there?

It’s tough to see in the photo, but Hadid is wearing a version of the Sex and the City “Carrie” necklace. Except instead of Carrie Bradshaw claiming her own identity, she’s claiming her boyfriend’s. Ugh, Gigi, girl. We want you to be you! (The necklace, it has to be said, is cute.)

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This might be a sign that the couple is moving forward in their relationship, but to me it seems like a sign of two immature-ish people who want to lay claim to each other. Just a few weeks ago, a source speculated to Hollywood Life that they could be considering engagement. “They’re not engaged yet, but it’s heading there; they’re moving really fast and couldn’t be more in love,” says the source. “If they do get engaged, it’s not going to be something Gigi will want to hide. She’s very proud to be dating Zayn. If and when he asks her to marry him, there is no way she’ll keep it a secret.”

Hadid is already open to wearing her emotions in her jewelry. We’d be surprised if a ring is next, but with these two, anything is possible.

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