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Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio relationship update No. 562: They’re back on

Are they or aren’t they?

For more than a year now, the entire internet has been speculating about the relationship status of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. Fans are pretty certain at this point that they did have at least a fling in the past. But did they date? Are they dating now? There are clues, but unsurprisingly, the maybe-couple isn’t confirming anything.

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The latest evidence that RiRi and DiCaprio are, in fact, a secret couple, is the latest city where they were spotted together: Las Vegas. They were spotted together at the grand opening of a new club, Intrigue at Wynn Las Vegas.

Rihanna was actually in town to play a show on her Anti world tour. She hit the club around 3:25 a.m., where DiCaprio was already waiting in the VIP section with some friends. According to Nylon, they actually left Intrigue separately, but then (surprise, surprise) ended up back there together later.

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This comes just weeks after Rihanna and DiCaprio were seen dancing it up together at a super exclusive party at Coachella. And just a few months ago, they were spotted together in Paris, where a sneaky photo made it look an awful lot like they were making out, though, granted, it was kind of hard to tell.

Regardless of what’s actually going on with these two, there are enough clues and speculation that it’s time for them to end our suffering and just tell us already.

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Do you think Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are a couple? Or are they just friends? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

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