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Once Upon a Time: Say it ain’t so! Will Emma lose a parent soon?

If you thought watching Emma leaving Hook behind in the Underworld was heartbreaking, just wait until next Sunday’s Once Upon a Time episode titled “Last Rites.” Based on the promo for the upcoming episode, it looks like a beloved character will die.

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The promo teases that “someone will not survive breaking the very heart of Storybrooke forever.” So who could it be? Well, not only is a glimpse of the funeral shown (there are a lot of black umbrellas) but also so are Regina and Emma.

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Regina looks very somber as she stares at what I can only imagine is the coffin of whoever dies. As for Emma? Well, she looks beyond distraught. She appears to be heartbroken and can’t hold back the tears, which leaves me to wonder if maybe Snow or Charming will die. It could also be Henry, but the fact that Regina seems somewhat composed makes me doubtful of that. I have a feeling she’d be breaking down if it were her son. She could very well be in shock, but I highly doubt that it is Henry.

Anyway, my money is on one of Emma’s parents. Why else would she be so upset? It has to be someone she is extremely close to. Plus, who else is the “heart of Storybrooke”? Snow and Charming are the center of everything. If I had to guess who might die between Snow and Charming, I’m leaning toward Snow. More so than Charming, she is the heart and soul of the town and Once Upon a Time. If it is either of them, well, it’s going to make for one tough episode.

Whoever will soon be saying goodbye, it sure seems like it will impact the series greatly moving forward. With that, I better go stock up on tissues.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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