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Justin Bieber’s dad had the engagement party of a 17-year-old boy’s dreams

The Justin Bieber apple had to come from somewhere, right? His father, Jeremy Bieber, threw an engagement party this weekend that gave us a closer look at his very unique tree.

Jeremy Bieber proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Chelsey Rebelo, in St. Bart’s in February, and it only took the couple three months to put together an epic engagement party in Toronto, complete with celebrity appearances, an actual tiger and costumed superheroes — the stuff of any high school boy’s dreams.

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So how did they throw together such a cool party? It was in partnership with a VIP art show called “Nyotaimori Celebrating Life Love And Art.” In a very Jeremy Bieber-esque theme, the word “nyotaimori” means “serving sushi off of naked women” in Japanese.

There are no naked women in the photos, but we do have Justin Bieber petting a Bengal tiger.

Other treats included a performance from Canadian opera singer Meghan Lindsay and photo ops with superheroes such as Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Batman with his Batmobile.

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Of course, no Bieber party is complete without a performance from Justin. Unfortunately, no “Sorry” dance to share, but he did hop on the piano for a few minutes, according to TMZ.

If this magical party gives a hint at what’s to come, we’re more than excited to see how they try to top this for their wedding day — and if Batman will be the one walking Rebelo down the aisle.

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