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The Good Wife: Why I not-so-secretly hope Peter dies in the finale

After seven seasons, I’m tired of The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick being good.

As we bid adieu forever to the CBS series May 8, which coincidently is Mother’s Day, I think the best gift Alicia can get is to be sent off into her fictional future as a widow.

Quite frankly, I wish she would have dumped Peter right after the hooker scandal, but I get that Alicia wanted to see if she could salvage what they once had in order to keep her family together.

But after he got out of jail the first time, and it was clear they would never again be living together as husband and wife, it was time to cut the cord.

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The insistence by Peter’s handlers that they keep up a front for his political career was a dated conceit. These aren’t the Eisenhower years when people believed politicians were virtuous if they were married family men. Today, constituents are quite used to those in government and the word “scandal” being conjoined. And those public servants get elected or keep their present positions anyway.

So campaigning for president alongside Peter was not only false but also an unnecessary drain on Alicia, physically and emotionally.

This woman has proven her goodness enough for 10 lifetimes.

Because they are getting a divorce and, on top of that, he might go to jail and won’t be there for her anyway, I think Peter should join Alicia’s former lover Will Gardner in that great law office in the sky.

Then she won’t be a divorcée with a husband in the slammer, aka have baggage, but a widow, which will make her unattached, as well as more sympathetic.

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I like the idea of a future where she can figure out her relationship with Jason, begin her new job as a name partner at the law firm and help her two kids navigate adulthood. What career will she help guide her daughter, the ever-efficient Grace, toward? And she’ll need to be laser-focused when Zach needs TLC after his plan to drop out of college, move to France and marry the older girlfriend who wants to make things legal for the tax benefits inevitably falls apart.

She can do all this better if Peter is not in the picture. If he goes to prison, he already asked her to visit him to at least update him on the kids’ progress. If he manages to dodge the jail bullet, then he’ll just be around again to talk about Grace and Zach and comment on her new relationship, whether it be with Jason or someone else, and she will have to watch his new life and perhaps relationship(s) play out in the press because he is a public figure.

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Who needs that? Alicia has stood by this man long enough. Now she should stand by his grave with Jackie O. dignity, then go have a life. As she told Jason a few weeks ago at the end of Episode 17: “I wasted the last 20 years. I’m not gonna waste the next 20.”

Say a fond SheKnows farewell to Alicia & Co. right here.

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