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I’m convinced Scott Disick isn’t really a womanizing jerk

I’m a really big fan of Scott Disick. I think his self-absorbed antics are entertaining. The way he loves Kourtney Kardashian is adorable. And I think how he handles the madness that is the Kardashian family is hilarious. Every episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that he’s in, he steals the show at least once. And then I read about him online and I can’t stand him.

When Disick shows up in random countries sunbathing with different women, or when he blacks out at clubs or says really arrogant things to the paparazzi, I think it’s best if we never hear from him again. I don’t understand how both an endearing and repulsive man coexist in Disick.

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On tonight’s season 12 premiere of KUWTK, Disick is buying kitchen accessories, learning how to cook, and doing everything he can to be the best father he can be. He’s maintaining close relationships with Khloe and Kris. And he’s co-parenting the best he can with Kourtney.

How is it possible that the sweet, concerned father is also the guy who takes a Kendall look-a-like on a date?

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This may be naive, but I want to believe that the real Disick is the one on TV and not the womanizing ass the tabloids try to make him out to be. I know that the Kardashians are producers on the show and the amount of actual reality on their “reality” show is close to zero, but I just can’t imagine he’s that good of an actor. He just seems so genuine!

And really, who voluntarily shops with their mother-in-law for kitchen accessories if they’re actually a selfish jerk?

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One of his biggest challenges is consistently being a good guy. He’s good for a couple months then does something major to screw it up. So, it’ll be interesting to see what happens this season. But I’ll be rooting for him. Long live Lord Disick!

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