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Fear the Walking Dead: WTF, Alicia? You have the worst taste in dudes


In what was arguably the best episode of Fear the Walking Dead so far this season, Madison’s typically brooding daughter got to meet her radio-crush, Jack, face-to-face. And, can we just say, “Oh, honey.”

First and foremost, this is your spoiler warning — this article contains plot points from this week’s “Blood in the Streets.” Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk a bit about how we got here.

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As you’ll remember, when the family first boarded the Abigail, Alicia took over the radio in an attempt to seek out any remaining shred of humanity. She soon stumbled across a young man, presumably around her age — how fortuitous! — and they struck up a seemingly fast friendship. Or whatever.

When Strand shut down the idea of picking this strange new friend and his people up, Jack made a vaguely ominous comment about seeing Alicia soon.

And tonight, he made good on that promise.

As Chris and Ofelia are talking, a lifeboat approaches the Abigail. Inside it are two young men and a young woman — the latter is pregnant and apparently in great distress. While Chris struggles with whether or not to let them aboard, Madison and Ofelia leap to the newcomers’ sides without hesitation.

Since the voice inside every fan’s head is now Strand, you were probably silently screaming at your TV at this point: Don’t trust them! Don’t let them on the boat!

Alas, not only did they bring these mysterious survivors on board, Madison took the young woman into the bowels of the boat to tend to her supposed distress. At that point, all hell breaks loose as the young woman slams Madison’s head into the bathroom mirror.

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Above deck, the two young men overpower the rest of the crew and begin binding their hands. Alicia, who’d passed Madison and the young woman as they rushed down the hall, finally arrives on the scene and recognizes the voice of one of the guys.

Jack. It’s Jack, y’all!

Unfortunately, it turns out Jack isn’t exactly a swipe-right kind of guy. In his defense, he’s not the worst. That title belongs to his brutal co-conspirator, Reed, an uncouth lackey for a con man named Connor. How apropos, eh?

Connor has apparently taken to salvaging useful items and people from the remains of the day, and he has his sights set on the smart and handy Travis as well as Alicia — for reasons unbeknownst at this point, unless Jack’s crush on her counts.

At first, Alicia objects to the situation and tries to rationalize with Jack and Reed. However, when they are alone and Jack explains that he doesn’t like this life but he is obligated to Reed, Alicia tells him she will help them… that maybe they met each other for a reason.

She’s gotta be scheming him, right? I mean, surely she is manipulating him the way he manipulated her. The look on her face as they hugged certainly seemed to suggest so.

Then again, this is Alicia. Remember how mopey and irrational she was to her last boyfriend, who was killed off at the beginning of Season 1? She might really be swept up in her ‘knight in shining zombie guts’ (as good as armor in this world) scenario.

But, God, I hope not.

To be clear, Jack is hot. I get it, girl. I don’t blame you for feeling a little flustered over his swoopy hair and heart-tugging sob story. Still, this is not the time to be letting hormones drive your decisions. Fingers crossed Alicia simply has some masterful scheme of her own to exact. In the meantime, I don’t hate having to look at Jack’s face every week — I’m not mad at it.

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What do you think? Is Jack bad news, or just in bad company?

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