Finally The Amazing Race is getting heated

Apr 29, 2016 at 10:21 p.m. ET
Image: CBS

The Amazing Race is beginning its march toward a finale, which means the competition is reaching a fever pitch. That was more evident in this week's episode than it has been in any week prior, and it looks like things will just get more heated next week.

While racing around Bali, Indonesia, competitors had to fish out a clue from the bottom of the ocean, then head off to haul 50 coconuts and four chickens across a long foot bridge before ultimately facing a U-turn. What they didn't yet know was that it was going to be a double U-turn. In Amazing Race terms, a U-turn is when one team is picked to have to go back and perform the second roadblock in addition to the first one they chose.

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Fan favorites Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl reached the U-turn first and made the smart choice to make one of the other strongest teams, Brody Smith and Kurt Gibson, have to double back. What they hadn't thought of before they left was that four-time second-place finishers Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins were going to get there second and use the second U-turn on them — a brilliant strategic move, almost assuring that Gibson and Smith would be eliminated.

This unspoken partnership was one of the most clever and intelligent on-the-fly moves any of the teams could have thought up. Of course, it made Gibson and Smith a little salty, and for good reason. The Frisbee Guys did end up getting eliminated, and people were understandably upset. After all, they were one of the stronger teams.


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While it is hard to get sent home for something that was basically out of your control, it seems that this new pseudo-alliance might backfire. During the preview for next week's episode, the audience got a glimpse of what appeared to be Dana Boriello and Oakley potentially working together. Then we heard an upset Burns saying something along the lines of "couple of jackasses working together" while he is running around looking for a clue.

We will have to wait and see what really went down. But with only a few episodes left, is this the beginning of the real fireworks we've been waiting for?

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