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Scandal‘s Abby and Fitz hooking up would be annoying, but I’m OK with it

Never in a million years did I think Abby and Fitz would hook up on Scandal — let alone that I would be OK with it — until tonight.

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That moment when she was throwing her attitude at him went from being ballsy feminist to personal real quick. And I couldn’t believe I didn’t see it before. Those two are totally on their way to some uncomfortable feelings.

I mean, Abby’s clearly got them going on already, what with the way she’s challenging Fitz so boldly. It’s not just office business any more. It’s definitely gotten personal.

And there’s only so much time once things get personal until the personal turns into the romantic when it comes to attractive, single men and women.

Plus, the show is already setting up this scandalous frenemies situation with Olivia. It would be even more outrageous if Abby were to find herself naked in Fitz’s bed.

I know, I know, the Abby of any season past would not have crossed that line. There is no way that Abby, best friend of Olivia (Kerry Washington), would stomp into that territory. But Abby is playing the power card right now and Fitz is embracing it more than anyone.

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He’s letting Abby get away with talking to him like a boss and I’ve loved that dynamic the entire season. I always just thought it was about women’s empowerment, though, and tonight it dawned on me that show creator Shonda Rhimes probably has a whole different story line coming into play with their steadily building relationship.

Part of me hopes that they won’t ever actually hook up. Maybe they’ll get close and Abby will come to her senses and direct him back to his love with Liv. But this show is called Scandal for a reason. They be happenin’. So I wouldn’t put it past the show to get that irrevocably complicated.

And I kind of think Olivia deserves to lose Fitz for good in that way. She’s been so back and forth between Jake and Fitz for so long now. The fact that she’s back on the Jake train makes me sick to my stomach. I definitely thought that those shared nightcaps with Fitz a few episodes back were going to turn into something more.

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In my heart of hearts, I’m still rooting for Olivia and Fitz. But I really think that Abby and Fitz might be the perfect couple we never saw coming.

Do you think Fitz and Abby would make more than just a good team?

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