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Not all reality TV stars’ marriages suck — just ask RHOC‘s Lydia McLaughlin

The Real Housewives of Orange County alumna Lydia McLaughlin and her husband, Doug McLaughlin, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows last Saturday. She opened up about the struggles they’ve endured and why she thinks they’re marriage has stayed so strong.

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“I’m really proud of our marriage. I value him. We always try to put each other first, even with jobs and our own dreams. We survived a reality show. We’re surviving raising our kids,” Lydia told The Daily Dish. “The world throws a lot of things at you. We’ve had hospital visits and family members have died and so much happens that we’re really proud of our marriage, so we wanted to honor that, and I think that we did. It was a really special night for us.”

The couple has three children (7-year-old Stirling, 5-year-old Maverick and 17-month-old Roman) and has moved more than eight times over the course of their relationship. They renewed their vows on the beach where they had their first kiss and where Doug proposed in Laguna Beach, California. They also wrote their own vows and read them aloud.

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“We both got choked up. I think a lot of people there got choked up because it’s not like you take it for granted, but it’s just so special to pause and really reflect and kind of mark that we made it 10 years and that we still love each other and remember all the stuff that we’ve gone through and to celebrate that,” Lydia said. “I think it’s cause for celebration.”

Lydia opened up about why she believes their marriage has stayed strong for 10 years, despite the being on reality television.

“For me, it’s just making him my priority, making marriage a priority. We do a date night once a week, and we don’t talk about kids or schedules or businesses. We talk about each other and just date,” she revealed. “Like, we still date.”

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She also feels that it’s important to not sweat the small stuff.

“We have a strong faith together, and I know that that’s definitely helped us,” Lydia said. “It’s like the little things that can make us mad don’t really matter because I know that overall, yeah, he didn’t do the laundry, but he’s a good man and a good father and that kind of outweighs all of the rest of it, right?”

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