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OITNB‘s Poussey guest starring on The Catch has me fangirling to the extreme

Confession: I’m not much of a fan of procedurals. I don’t typically watch legal or medical dramas, and when I do tune into Grey’s Anatomy, it’s never for the cases of the week. Grey’s, like every Shondaland show, has procedural elements that are relegated to B plots, rarely requiring much thought or investment from the audience. I like it that way.

The Catch is no different and I have found myself struggling to care about any of the clients so far. Their drama is never anywhere near as compelling as Alice’s and it’s not like these characters will ever be around for more than a week, so why bother getting attached?

Turns out, all I needed was a little Poussey.

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That’s right. This week on The Catch, the client of the week was none other than Samira Wiley, aka Orange Is the New Black‘s Poussey, aka Nia, the army soldier-turned-ranger who hires Anderson Vaughan and Associates when she begins to receive misogynist death threats. Turns out, her own colleagues (including her brother) didn’t think having a female ranger around was a good idea and they thought it would be better to scare her away rather than have her die in the field without any of the men having her back. But spoiler: With Alice’s encouragement, Nia stands up to them all and fights for her right to remain a ranger. Did you think Samira Wiley would play any other kind of character?

No, this is Poussey we’re talking about, and you can believe I was fully invested in her story this entire episode. Hell, I didn’t care one bit about what was happening with Alice or Benjamin or Dao this week — if Poussey is on my screen, I really don’t see how anyone else matters. And I wasn’t let down, because whether she’s an inmate in Litchfield or a military fighter, Samira Wiley’s fierceness is unbeatable.

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Believe it or not, this story gets juicier. OITNB fans have long been wanting to see Poussey get some of the sexual satisfaction that Piper, Alex, Nicky and the others have long enjoyed. She spends so much time pining after Taystee, but we never get to see her having trysts with other inmates or even engaging in mutual flirtations. It’s hard to see all the other women get their fun while Poussey stands on the sidelines.

Which is yet another reason why this episode of The Catch was such a delight. Nia and Danny, one of Alice’s associates, had clear chemistry from the start of the episode. Their flirtations grew stronger — and more adorable — over the course of the episode. And finally, we see Danny getting a phone call from work early in the morning… and we realize that he is still in bed with Nia!

At last! Some steamy and sexy screen time for Poussey. Now, naturally, ABC is a bit tamer than Netflix, so there wasn’t much to see. But the implications were clear and it was a moment guaranteed to warm the hearts of any longtime OITNB viewer.

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Nia’s unlikely to be back next Thursday — as with all the clients of the week on The Catch, her case was closed by the end of the hour. And even if she stuck around, she and Danny wouldn’t last; he’s got his heart set on Sophie and their sexual tension is only heating up. But that’s OK by me. I’m just grateful that Samira Wiley graced our television screens at all tonight, making me excited for OITNB‘s return and the potential for Poussey’s arc this season. Like Nia, Poussey’s a fighter who’s not going to give up easy and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her.

Don’t forget to tune in for The Catch every Thursday at 10/9c on ABC!

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