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Grey’s Anatomy: Japril is toying with my emotions, I’m sure of it

It’s been such a long and winding road for Grey’s Anatomy‘s April and Jackson thus far this season, and it looks like Japril shippers won’t be able to enjoy tonight’s warm and fuzzy feelings for long.

But first, let’s do a brief recap, shall we? Last season, we were emotionally gutted when the couple watched their first child fade from this world in their arms. Shortly after, their marriage imploded. This season, we watched a poignant and — let’s be real — heartbreaking episode that paid homage to their journey to this point.

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This point, of course, being a newly divorced couple who learned of their surprise pregnancy the day their marriage was officially dissolved. Well, April did at least. Jackson found out a bit later, which led to a whole new round of drama.

Over the last few weeks, though, something miraculous has happened: April and Jackson have called a cease fire. They’re figuring this out together as they go along. And when Jackson very obviously wanted to comfort April on tonight’s episode during a tense ultrasound moment, it was as though all the world was right once more and Japril was on the road to recovery.

Even Sarah Drew herself, who plays April, seems hopeful about the former couple’s future.

“I think there’s potential for healing with this new baby,” she told The TV Junkies. “And hopefully everything goes smoothly with that, we never know, it is Grey’s Anatomy after all. But I think that the fact that she emerged from the divorce pregnant with his child is a glimmer of hope for them. So we’ll see how it all plays out. But I don’t think it’s the end of their story.”

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Hold up. I’m getting the distinct feeling of deja vu. Oh, yes, that’s right. We’ve been on this roller coaster before!

Every time Japril fans start to believe there could be a spark rekindling between these two, it gets smothered out right before our eyes. We’re onto you, Shonda Rhimes, and we won’t be such unwitting participants in the emotional yo-yoing this time.

For starters, in another interview Drew hints at more strife in the Japril realm before the season ends. “There’s extreme drama that happens with April and Jackson in the finale,” she revealed to eTalk. “I can also tell you April gets to be incredibly badass and strong and 2.0 all over he place, so that’s been fun.”

Hmm, very intriguing. What kind of extreme drama are we talking here? Is the baby in danger? That seems unlikely, since Drew says April gets to be a badass. Ooh, maybe Jackson is in danger and April saves his life. Surely that would open the door to reconciliation, eh?

Of course, real life doesn’t always have the kind of happily ever after we hope for — and the Grey’s Anatomy version of real life definitely doesn’t always give us the ending we want. (Hello, McDreamy!)

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Drew is realistic about this, saying, “I love them together. They’ve been through such an epic story and they’ve weathered so many extreme things that it just feels like it would be such a waste if they didn’t wind up together… if there wasn’t some beautiful reunion and reconciliation. You want to make all that pain worth it. But sometimes that’s not how life works.”

Ugh, don’t we know it. And I can’t help feeling like the rug is about to be pulled out from beneath Japril fans’ feet once again.

What do you think? Are Jackson and April headed for more heartbreak?

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