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Kim Kardashian actually face-swapped with her own face — more than once

Kim Kardashian finally hopped on the Snapchat bandwagon back in March and her sexy selfie videos have been entertaining us ever since.

While playing around with the app’s new Face Swap feature that allows you to trade faces with any photo, Kardashian did something any avid Snapchat user has likely tried at least once and face-swapped with a photo of herself.

“Has anyone ever tried to Face Swap with themselves?” Kim asked her followers.

Honestly, I have, so I can’t criticize her too much on this one!

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The craziest snaps in the reality star’s story, though, were the times she tried face-swapping with pictures of her daughter, North West. She described the results as “so weird.”

Kardashian then went back to face-swapping with different photos of herself, including her family’s Christmas card photo from when she was around age 12. During one snap, it looked like she traded faces with Kourtney Kardashian, as she appeared nearly identical to her sister.

“I kind of am Kourtney, we’re like the same person,” she said in the video.

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Kardashian, clearly enjoying Face Swap far too much, then returned to face-swapping with her daughter.

“Back to Northy. This is what she’s going to look like when she’s older,” Kardashian said. “Kinda weird.”

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“I love me as North. I have to show this to her,” Kardashian said in another video. “Look at how cute!”

For the final snap in a rather monotonous, long Snapchat story, Kardashian returned to face-swapping with — wait for it — herself.

“But I’m still loving me as me,” Kardashian revealed. “The best.”

She captioned the video, “Am I annoying yet? #FaceSwap.”

At least she’s self-aware!

Watch Kardashian’s full Snapchat story below.
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