American Grit failed at its willpower challenge objective

Apr 29, 2016 at 12:10 a.m. ET
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In the first two weeks of American Grit, competitors chosen for the weekly Circus were put through some incredibly grueling challenges. Some — including the amazing Brooke Van Paris — went above and beyond, while others — such as early reality show villain Chris Krueger — proved that the show is more about mental toughness than physical stamina. Or is it? Tonight's challenge was a bit of a letdown, in part because it didn't really seem to test the contestants' grit, as had been promised earlier in the episode.

American Grit Balance
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Typically, the Circus involves a long and difficult obstacle course, followed by an especially taxing final challenge. During the first week, the three selected contestants had to hold sandbags attached to rope pulleys. Last week, the challenge was even tougher, with contestants rotating sets of burpees with a more hardcore version of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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This week's challenge paled in comparison: Stand on a peg and, when given the signal, move up to a narrower peg. Yes, there was some excitement involved whenever the contestants had to move on to a new, more difficult peg, but ultimately, the results had little to do with who could physically and mentally persevere. Thus, it was very anticlimactic to see Marc Lobliner topple over. He demonstrated just as much grit as the others, but ultimately just didn't have good enough balance for this particular challenge.

Marc Lobliner
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Until this week, viewers were loving American Grit's Circus challenges. While many were still captivated by the latest Circus, a few spoke out against its disappointing final challenge.


The goal of the American Grit Circus is ostensibly to determine who is the toughest. A good sense of balance is definitely valuable, but the toughest competitor of all could easily fall over while standing on a narrow peg. There is no shame in Marc Lobliner's loss today, but it's sad to see him exit the competition in such an uneventful manner. Earlier in the episode, pretty much everybody agreed that they'd prefer to go out fighting like Brooke Van Paris, but Lobliner didn't get that opportunity.

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