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Don’t mess with Beyoncé and 8 other huge lessons in pop culture this week

This week’s round-up in pop culture is an eclectic group of stories, but there seems to be one common thread running through most of them: There’s an important lesson lurking beneath the surface.

Take a look at some the things that got people talking this week.

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1. Beyoncé’s Lemonade hits HBO

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As fans reveled in the glory of Beyoncé’s new visual album, one thing became resoundingly clear: Don’t mess with Queen Bee or the BeyHive.

Lemonade definitely seems to call out her husband, Jay Z, for cheating, as well as “Becky with the good hair” for being his mistress. Designer Rachel Roy made the mistake of insinuating that she is Becky, but quickly backtracked on the insinuation after being attacked by Beyoncé fans.

Once fans laid off of Roy, they promptly moved on to harassing Rita Ora.

2. Snowden official trailer released

Did this trailer make anyone else do an automatic mental scan to check if there are any inappropriate pictures, texts or google searches on their smart phone? Scary stuff.

3. Harriet Tubman takes over the $20 bill

While there was some controversy on the famed abolitionist replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the bill, I think Samantha Bee pretty much hit the nail on the head while shutting critics down.

4. “#MoreThanMean — Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment” goes viral

Speaking of hitting the nail on the head, this jarring video of men reading mean tweets face-to-face with women sports reporters is an amazing example of how social media is desensitizing us to hurting people’s feelings. It’s so easy to fire off something mean on the internet when you can’t see the pain in the intended receiver’s face.

The video has nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube at this point; however, judging by the disgustingly hateful comments section, the message was not received.

5. Coachella goer takes Troian Bellisario’s phone on a wild ride

Pretty Little Liars‘ Bellisario made the mistake of losing her phone, but it was quickly found by a do-gooder named Jack, who was on his way to Coachella. Jack decided to post a couple things to Bellisario’s account in effort to reunite her with her belongings.

The phone ended up being a gold mine of a find for the guy, who was able to go backstage to see Skrillex perform and party with Zedd when Bellisario allowed him to use her VIP backstage wristbands.

Jack, of course, documented all of his fun on Bellisario’s social media accounts with her phone. Also, can’t fail to mention the fact that he repeatedly referred to Bellisario as “Trojan.”

6. Unexplained hits No. 2 on iTunes podcast charts

If you are addicted to all things spooky, then this bi-weekly podcast is for you! Hosted by screenwriter Richard MacLean Smith, Unexplained focuses on strange and mysterious real-life events that defy explanation — and it’s totally addicting.

Unexplained is available for download on iTunes here and on the Unexplained website here.

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7. Game of Thrones‘ Red Priestess shows us what real beauty means

This College Humor spoof on certain social media celebs’ penchant for posting nude photos on Instagram in the name of feminist inspiration is right on the money — and freakin’ hilarious.

8. John Sandford’s Extreme Prey hits bookshelves

Sandford’s latest Lucas Davenport thriller — which finds Davenport tracking an armed man intent on killing a governor who is campaigning to be president — is already receiving rave reviews.

Extreme Prey is available for purchase here and for download here.

9. Calvin Harris and Rihanna drop “This is What You Came For”

Pretty sure this is going to be this summer’s theme song.

What was your favorite moment in pop culture this week?

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