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RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel had every right to give John Mahdessian attitude

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley still found herself caught between a rock and a hard place — or rather, in the middle of Bethenny Frankel and John Mahdessian’s ongoing feud.

Frankel hosted her own birthday party — an upscale barbecue as an excuse to use the fire pits at her Hamptons house, of course — complete with Moscow mules and spiked hot chocolate upon entrée. Medley and Mahdessian attended, along with Jules and her husband, and while Medley was looking forward to them making nice, Mahdessian made sidebar comments like, “We are entering the devil’s den,” the whole way there.

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Here’s an idea: Don’t show up at someone’s home when you have unresolved issues. You look desperate and hypocritical. In turn, Frankel reacted like a mean girl, greeting everyone except Mahdessian, ignoring his presence when she walked right past him and dodging him every time he got too close. Medley urged Mahdessian to apologize so they could move forward and enjoy the festivities as a group, but he seemed to get intimidated by Frankel’s cold shoulder and chickened out.

At one point, Carole noticed Mahdessian was walking toward her and Frankel and whispered, “Incoming.” Frankel told her to pretend they were in the middle of a very important conversation in hopes that he would get the hint. It was clear that Mahdessian was persona non grata, but that didn’t stop him from drinking Frankel’s drinks and eating her food.

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Medley watched as all this played out and tried to make sense of it in her interview, saying something like, “You don’t invite Hitler to your party and then not be nice to him.” Um, what? So Mahdessian is like Hitler?

It’s obvious that Mahdessian is loving his screen time but c’mon, buddy, what did you expect? You aren’t showing up at some neutral filming location, you are in Frankel’s home. What he should have done was call Frankel the night before to apologize; then he would have avoided her passive-aggressive reaction.

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And yes, Frankel did behave very high school, but let me just remind you that he did accuse her of stealing the name Skinnygirl from Skinny Cow, and hit her with the low blow comment of, “You’re just jealous because you can’t hold down a relationship,” as she is in the midst of a divorce.

Wednesday night’s episode made me realize that no matter how much success or money people have, they can always regress back to high school. You know, when a divided group is stuck at a party together: the cliques, the whispering and even ignoring people who are standing right next to you instead of just nipping it in the bud like grown people.

Do you think Bethenny Frankel had the right to be mean to John Mahdessian?

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