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Beyoncé declares her undying love for Jay Z because — duh — they’re married

Beyoncé has had enough of those cheating rumors.

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Ever since she dropped her visual album, Lemonade, last week, Bey has been dealing with all sorts of assumptions that her husband, Jay Z, has had affairs. Some of the lyrics on the album seemed to allude to his infidelity, specifically with artist Rita Ora and designer Rachel Roy.

The Beyhive has flocked to Queen Bey’s defense, but it sounds like she wants them to know she doesn’t need it. During the first show of her Formation tour in Miami, Bey dedicated her performance to her family, and, more specifically, Jay Z.

“I want to dedicate this song to my family — thank you, guys, for supporting me,” she said just before performing her closing song, “Halo.” “I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful husband. I love you so much.”

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According to Hollywood Life, Beyoncé didn’t shy away from performing any of the songs from Lemonade that sparked the rumors, including the controversial track “Sorry.” All the talk about Jay Z’s infidelity had the crowd booing him before the show, even though he and Beyoncé engaged in some well-timed PDA in front of the fans.

Despite all the speculation, Beyoncé’s shoutout to her husband at the show was the first time she’s addressed any of the rumors. She’s been largely silent since Lemonade dropped, even though sources have said the album was her way of saving her failing marriage.

Beyoncé’s album is about transparency and healing,” one source said. “It’s about a lot of heavy subjects, including how women are disrespected and how they should empower themselves, but it’s also about resolution.”

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