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Chelsea Handler’s Kardashians diss just makes her look like a hypocrite

Hey Chelsea, there’s a movie called Frozen. Rent it. Pay close attention to the pivotal tune called, “Let It Go.” Then give it a try.

The other night on The Tonight Show, Chelsea Handler responded to Jimmy Fallon’s comment about her former E! talk show, Chelsea Lately, with the comment: “I didn’t have a big enough ass to stay on that network,” an obvious dig at the rotundly-reared star of that network’s cash cow, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Wasn’t the whole point of leaving her position as Queen of the Late Night Celeb Skewers because she was totally fed up with stars?

So, after seven years of taunting celebrities, Handler hooked up with Netflix to do work that she said would be, “A little bit more mindful and a little bit more interesting for me and my viewers.”

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But first she went on tour with a comedy show based on her New York Times bestseller, Uganda Be Kidding Me, then took a well-deserved vacay. She kicked off her collaboration with Netflix with a four-part documentary series Chelsea Does covering “real topics with a sense of humor.” Shortly, the internet channel will begin streaming her 30-minute talk show titled Chelsea, where she says she’ll “do things differently. I want to talk to people who are going to educate me… who have changed the course of the world. People doing exciting stuff.” The point of all this, apparently, is for her to “get my brain working again.”

So if all things Kim & Co. are so mind-numbing and she’s successfully distanced herself from the network that required discussion of said reality star, why is she still talking about, making fun of, or even mentioning her former employer and one-time E! colleague? I highly doubt that it’s jealousy over Kim’s finances, as Chelsea has her own hard-earned dough, or Kim’s husband and babies, as Chelsea has spoken out many times about not being marriage or mommy material.

Since Chelsea has all the aforementioned exciting projects to promote, you’d think she would have detoxed all the E! residue and created new material to entertain her audience with instead of settling for the cheap laughs guaranteed by simply saying the K-word.

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No one says Chelsea Handler has to be Kim’s BFF or even like her, but as someone who’s broken the glass ceiling and seems to pride herself on not only supporting other women but also supporting their right to live as they choose, you’d think she’d hold fast to that admirable ideal, even if one of those women is Kanye’s better half.

What do you think? Was Chelsea Handler’s dig necessary? Let us know in the comments.

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