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I’m pretty sure Bethenny Frankel is the most stubborn person alive

Bethenny Frankel is nothing if not a great cast member. As a friend, she seems to be lacking a few key traits, but as a Housewife she’s definitely great for ratings. On this week’s episode, she proved just how stubborn she can be, and it honestly made me not like her at all.

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I admit that her snark and sarcasm is really funny and entertaining to watch, but when I stop to think that she’s not playing a character on TV and that’s actually how she acts in her real life, I start to feel a little dirty laughing at her jokes.

The reason Frankel’s jokes come off as offensive rather than funny, especially when she’s talking about Dorinda Medley, is that there is too much truth to her criticism. She’s not poking fun at a close friend; she truly thinks Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, is disgusting. And she truly is angry at him for everything he does. So much so that she spent her entire birthday moving from room to room to avoid him.

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The man was just trying to apologize and she made a big production of avoiding him.

At that point, her behavior is just painful to watch. Frankel is an adult, and that means sometimes she will have to do things she doesn’t want to do — not the least of which is accepting a shallow apology for the greater good of the group. No one is asking her to be best friends with Mahdessian — just that she be mature enough not to run away from him at a party she invited him to attend.

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Frankel has a history of digging her heels in and being unapologetic about every opinion she has, and it’s definitely gotten her in trouble. I think it’s time that one of her friends sit her down for one of the talks she’s so fond of having and let her know that it’s not the end of the world if she’s wrong or if she doesn’t have the last word.

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