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MAFS’ Jamie Otis needs to take a page from her husband on marriage

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Married at First Sight’s Jamie Otis admitted to being insecure in her marriage to husband Doug Hehner. “You try marrying a stranger and feeling like it’s 100 percent authentic and genuine,” she said on the show’s most recent episode. “It took me until now to realize that, yes, our marriage is wholeheartedly real.”

The first year of Otis and Hehner’s marriage, as well as their therapy sessions, are being documented for MAFS, and the couple has discussed potentially explosive issues facing their marriage, such as children (Doug is possibly more interested in kids now than he was), building more trust between them and the destructive patterns that exist now, as well as those that pre-dated their relationship.

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In therapy, which the couple attended after Doug arrived late to pick up their dogs from the vet and forgot their medicine, Jamie, to put it mildly, freaked out and used the situation as an example of Doug’s perpetual disrespect for her. Doug let it be known that he thought she was once again blowing things way out of proportion. Jamie’s behavior made Doug feel as though he could never win, he told their therapist. Every time he did something wrong, Jamie brought up a litany of other things he’d done wrong and could never let anything go without using it as evidence of him being untrustworthy.

Jamie was somewhat able to discuss her underlying issues — she confessed to having an expectation of disappointment (she was a contestant on The Bachelor, after all), so she was naturally always looking for it so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to her. She is making progress in other areas as well; her stuff is finally out of her ex’s garage and she agreed to go ghost hunting with Doug without being a total jerk about it (she possibly even had fun?).

It is a pretty big deal for Jamie to reveal that she knows Doug loves her now, and that she knows part of showing that she loves him is working on becoming more patient and complimenting him. Doug has consistently been forthcoming in therapy, and hopefully she’s following suit. If you take out the part where these two got married the first time they saw each other, it seems like their issues are pretty standard for a couple, but of course only time will tell if they can actually learn to communicate better and process their issues successfully.

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Do you think Jamie’s getting less insecure? Should she and Doug have a baby? Tell us in the comments!

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