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Looks like there’s trouble in paradise for Bachelor Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell

Are Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell doomed to be the next The Bachelor franchise breakup?

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A source reportedly close to the couple is telling In Touch Weekly that there are some serious problems brewing with the now not-so-happy couple. According to the source, after the show aired and Higgins proposed to Bushnell, she quit her job as a flight attendant so she could move to be with him in Denver, and she has yet to find another job in the Mile-High City.

Ben has told Lauren numerous times to get a job,” the source told In Touch. “She isn’t contributing to their life at all.”

And the source said it’s not just about a tough job market — Bushnell is reportedly dragging her feet on purpose because she misses her hometown of Los Angeles and wants to go back.

“That’s why she’s not committed to finding a job or settling down,” the source revealed.

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There aren’t a lot of details on whether Bushnell’s reluctance to work and live in Denver will be a deal-breaker for Higgins, but if it’s putting so much strain on their relationship already, things aren’t looking good for the couple long-term.

But there may be hope still. According to In Touch‘s source, Bushnell is trying to convince Higgins to move with her back to LA, where she might be able to go back to her old job.

“She’s usually good at getting her way,” the source dished.

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Do you think Higgins and Bushnell will break up, or do you think they’re meant to be? Let us know down in the comments.

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