B&B’s Karla Mosley is incredibly brave for revealing a dark part of her past

The Bold and the Beautifuls Karla Mosley has been making waves as a transgender woman on the CBS show. Now she’s making waves in her personal life by revealing a dark part of her past.

In a blog titled “What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?” for the National Eating Disorders Association, Mosley shared that she suffered from bulimia and binge eating. After seeking help 14 years ago, she has a tremendous amount of empathy for her younger self.

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“Looking back, I have so much compassion for the young woman who was brave enough to seek out recovery from bulimia and binge eating almost 14 years ago,” Mosley wrote. “She was sad, and felt so alone despite the beautiful life and friends surrounding her that she was trying to take herself out, numb the hurt, escape the fear… with food.”

Like many women, Mosley strove for perfection in all areas of her life. She finally realized that it is an unattainable goal and that’s what led her to seek treatment.

“When I came into recovery, though it took me a few years of trying, I knew I was ready to stop. I took all the suggestions. I tried — like I did everything else in my life — to do it perfectly,” she explained in the blog. “And while that drive gave me the strength to hang in there, even when everything felt hopeless, it’s also what kept me in a hamster wheel of pain and relapse.”

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It took a breakdown to realize that she was incredibly close to a breakthrough.

“It wasn’t until I got really messy that the biggest and most life-changing things started coming,” she said.

That moment changed everything for Mosley — her outlook on life and her inner perspective on herself.

“In the past few years, especially, I’ve learned that it’s OK to be soft and easy with myself,” she shared. “I offered that kind of love to everyone else, but held myself to an unattainable standard.”

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The best part of her blog offers sound advice that every woman should repeat to herself every day.

“You’re beautiful, but everyone gets zits. You’re enough, but no one can do everything on their own,” Mosley wrote. “You have friends and family, but it’s you’re [sic] differences that make you YOU… and it’s all GREAT!!!”

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