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Enough with slut-shaming Kathryn Dennis, Southern Charm fans

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Let’s get this out of the way right now: I have had a soft spot for Kathryn Dennis since Season 1 of Southern Charm, and no, I don’t know what that’s about. It’s only gotten worse this season, as basically everyone on the show and in the Twitter universe has turned against her. There are those who think she’s a gold digger, those who think she’s crazy and those who think she’s manipulating Thomas. Oh, wait, those are actually all the same group. And then, to make it all extra charming, there are the slut-shamers, because apparently everyone wins with slut-shaming, except, of course, the person being shamed.

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Slut-shaming isn’t a new phenomenon on Southern Charm, but it is one that’s been primarily reserved for Kathryn and it’s been going on since Season 1, when Kathryn and Thomas first got together and it came out that she had also hooked up with Whitney and Shep. It’s a problem to even be creating a list of people Kathryn’s hooked up with, especially when I’m sure that Thomas, Whitney, Craig and Shep have high individual numbers, but they’re never told to be ashamed of that and are never reprimanded for liking sex or pursuing it. Kathryn, on the other hand, is told to “keep her legs closed” (I’m looking at you, Southern Charm fans on Twitter) and that she should only be concerned with taking care of her kids, as if mothers aren’t multifaceted humans who have an instinctive need for contact with humans over the age of 2. At the same time, everyone is marveling at the apparent miracle that is Kathryn getting herself pregnant twice, which allows pretty much the whole Southern Charm cast (except for a few people) to view Thomas as a reasonable human being and edit out all the times he’s behaved like a monster garbage human.

Slut-shaming is nefarious, not just because it reprimands and humiliates women for having had sex but also because they’re not ashamed of having had sex. There’s a lot people don’t like about Kathryn Dennis and, unfortunately, you can boil most of that down to her not being ashamed of herself just because people want her to be and because it would make them feel better about her.

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Do you think Kathryn is being held to a different standard than the men on Southern Charm? Tell us in the comments!

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