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I agreed with Nathan Griffith on Teen Mom and I don’t feel good about it

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It pains and confounds me to say this, but Nathan Griffith behaved reasonably on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2. I might go as far as to say he acted… maturely. It’s not like this is the first time ever that he’s behaved this way (one could make a sturdy argument that once he started wearing shirts that covered his nipples, things were on the up and up), but still, it’s surprising, given all the time he spent being a scary jerk.

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On Monday’s episode, Nathan moved forward in his quest for custody of Kaiser, meaning he’s done more in one season to the end of getting back his son than Jenelle has in seven. He talked to an actual lawyer, who gave him some solid advice, not only about how to behave but how not to behave, particularly around David, Jenelle’s boyfriend. I am aware that this sounds like I am giving out cookies for basic behavior, but the thing is, we haven’t seen a ton of this kind of behavior from Nathan at all in the past, so at this point, I will take anything. After Jenelle assaulted his new girlfriend, moved in with David after 45 seconds and still refused to give Nathan her phone number, it’s no wonder he’s being more aggressive in regard to custody. I am cautiously optimistic about Nathan actually learning from his mistakes, but stranger things have happened. It’s also possible/likely that Nathan’s seen himself on TV behaving like a total trashbag and, unlike some people, decided it was a bad look.

On the latest episode, Jenelle got David to volunteer to act as the middle man between her and Nathan, which I’m convinced is more of a means to control Jenelle and her interactions with Nathan than to actually help. Nathan is totally right to be suspicious of that situation, especially since Jenelle thought it was OK for David, a dude Kaiser has known for 10 seconds, to supervise a visit to the arcade. Look, maybe David is the great love of Jenelle’s life. It’s possible. But as Kaiser’s father, it’s not weird that Nathan’s upset or creeped out by how much responsibility Jenelle’s giving to him in regard to her son. I’m not saying Nathan has suddenly become an A+ parent and that he won’t return to being a ridiculous beast creature in the near future (he wasn’t totally sure how old Kaiser was this week), but at least he’s showing some parenting instincts and taking some action. To review: It’s totally destabilizing to agree with Nathan. I might be coming down with something.

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Did you think Nathan was shockingly reasonable on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2? Tell us in the comments!

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