Azealia Banks spews ignorant comments at Beyoncé

Azealia Banks loves sharing her opinion with everyone no matter what the topic is, but she especially loves to talk when another female performer makes headlines. It was only a matter of time before she gave us her take on Beyoncé and Lemonade. And, as expected, her opinion is borderline offensive to all women, but definitely to Beyoncé.

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Among her many insults, Banks called Beyoncé’s behavior the “antithesis of what feminism is” and that taking Jay Z back after his affair isn’t “strength that’s stupidity.” She also went on to complain about how Beyoncé is hurting black women everywhere with her “heartbroken black female” narrative.

By the way, this was all after posting about how Lemonade was “exactly what pop culture needed” on Sunday during the HBO premiere. Banks is a woman of many opinions.

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Beyoncé is surely going to get some criticism for her album, and some of it may be justified, but all of Banks’ tweets were unjustified and just plain wrong.

Banks is trying to convince her followers that choosing forgiveness and commitment when things get difficult sends the wrong message. It tells people to quit because that’s what society says rather than formulate and act upon their own decisions. She also has a terrible grasp of what feminism is, because a belief that men and women should be equal has nothing to do with what a wife decides to do when her husband cheats on her.

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Beyoncé so far hasn’t commented on any of the media attention she and Lemonade have gotten, and hopefully her first comments aren’t wasted on Banks’ ignorant hate spree on Twitter. But if she does happen to put Banks in her place, I hope it’s in another amazing song.

What do you think about Beyoncé’s confessions on Lemonade? Are they a sign of strength?


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