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The Voice‘s surprise elimination shows that connections aren’t everything

Judges on reality singing competitions often boast about their ability to turn unknown talents into pop stars. But these transformations aren’t always what they seem. For every Kelly Clarkson, there’s somebody else who already boasts a surprising number of connections and is simply using reality television to gain additional exposure. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but it’s always interesting to see America’s eagerness for a musical rags-to-riches story.

Owen Danoff
Image: NBC

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Connections certainly did not make a difference tonight for The Voice‘s Owen Danoff, who has a very impressive background. He by no means relied on this background to make it on the show; his voice had to do all of the work during the Blind Auditions. Later, however, he was able to rally the many fans he’d accumulated prior to appearing on network television. His following was impressive long before he joined the show, in part because he hails from a very musical family. His father is Starland Vocal Band’s Bill Danoff, who has won two Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. What’s more, the younger Danoff has many famous friends, including Jesse Eisenberg. Not only does Danoff live with Eisenberg, he’s currently dating his best bud’s sister.

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Danoff’s many friends in the entertainment industry have worked hard to get out the vote, but ultimately, it’s all up to fans, and evidently, viewers were not impressed with Danoff’s cover of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” Or rather, they thought Danoff’s performance was nice but not quite impressive enough to take the next step in the competition. His problem was not a lack of passion or drive but, rather, small vocal inaccuracies that kept him from reaching his true potential.

Owen Danoff
Image: NBC

Ultimately, when people vote for a singer on The Voice, they do so with little regard for that singer’s background. Few people truly care about who Owen Danoff knows; they merely want to know that he can deliver a spectacular performance.

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The good news for Danoff is, although he’s unable to move on in the competition, he can still make great strides in his career. He possesses the connections many artists long to have but never really get their hopes up about. Now that he’s achieved a modicum of success on The Voice, he can leverage his new connections to move his career to the next level.

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