You can relax, Beyhive — Beyoncé & Jay Z are still going strong

Fans got a window into Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship with Lemonade. We learned that Jay Z likely cheated on his wife. We learned that Beyoncé is trying to forgive him. Thanks to fans who should have careers as detectives, we learned that he could have cheated with Rachel Roy or Rita Ora. In the wake of all this, what happens next for their marriage?

A source “close to the couple” gave his or her take to People, and surprise, surprise, Jay Z and Beyoncé are staying together and are better than ever.

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“They definitely went through a rough patch a couple years ago, but they came out stronger in the end,” said the source. Citing the couple’s vow renewal in fall 2014, the source says, “I think they almost wanted to prove to everyone that they wouldn’t break up.”

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That goodwill has lasted through today, as Jay Z continues to be “very supportive of Beyoncé.” (Uh, that’s the least he can do.) The source claims that Jay Z was his wife’s biggest fan during her Super Bowl halftime show performance. The two seemed coupley after the show. “They were very affectionate all weekend and he helped her celebrate after her big performance.”

Now that Lemonade is out and the world has its eyes on the couple, will they be able to handle the pressure? We hope so, at least for Beyoncé’s sake.

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