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Kaley Cuoco’s new boyfriend brings out the haters – but they’re all wrong

Kaley Cuoco falls hard for people — she married ex-husband Ryan Sweeting after just a few months of dating — and this is something that many people belittle and ridicule her for, but I really think it’s wonderful that she’s able to love so freely.

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Instead of guarding her heart, she allows herself to feel these big, beautiful feelings. She’s not afraid to get hurt, and she’s not afraid to take risks. We live in a society that is quick to judge, and instead of being pleased that someone has found happiness, we somehow find fault in the relationship — something which Cuoco has experienced on multiple occasions.

When Cuoco shares pictures of her new boyfriend, Karl Cook, on social media, they’re usually met with nasty comments, and her latest picture is sadly proof of this.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Cuoco posted a photo of herself and Cook smiling into the camera. She captioned it with, “blondes do have more fun 🙂 #sundaze” along with a three heart emoji’s. But the post has received some very negative reactions and comments, including, “Marrying people after 3 months is great fun,” “Hope she doesn’t quickly marry again, although his father is a billionaire,” and “Kaley…. you can do soooo much better than this freak!”

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The most important thing to take away from this picture is not the fact that Cuoco has a new boyfriend and his level of attractiveness. What should be noted instead is how happy she looks (look at that massive smile). Plus, considering how famous she is, it’s great that the pair still do such normal things together — yep, there are so many positives to take away from this.

Thankfully, there are some people who are happy for Cuoco and Cook.

“How adorable are you two! Glad you found your smile!” marisainhouston wrote.

“You both look sooo happy,” lshklo wrote, adding, “wish you all the best, you deserve it, Kaley.”

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Eastcoastgrandma also shared her thoughts, writing, “Glad to see you having fun!!!You make a cute couple.”

Do you agree: Is Kaley Cuoco’s ability to love so freely something special that she shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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