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Move over Rachel Roy, it’s Rita Ora that Beyoncé’s fans have an issue with

Beyoncé’s fans are on the hunt for Jay Z’s alleged mistress and after attacking Rachel Roy (and accidentally roping Rachel Ray into the controversy), they have now set their sights on Rita Ora.

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Yep, Ora is the latest woman to be accused of being “Becky with the good hair,” and the reason why she’s getting so much flack is her choice of outfit.

The same night that Beyoncé’s hour-long HBO special, Lemonade, dropped, Ora took to Snapchat to share a picture of herself wearing a bra with a lemon on it, as well as a necklace with the initial “J.”
This was probably just a coincidence and has nothing to do with Beyoncé or Jay Z — I mean, can people not like clothing with lemons on it these days? — but that hasn’t stopped the Beyhive from unleashing a torrent of hate on the star.

The hate on one of Ora’s most recent images makes it clear that Beyoncé’s fans are not messing around, and comments include, “YOU AINT GOT NOTHING ON QUEEN B BITCH,” “Bey gonna scalp u bald smh,” “The Beyhive put some honey on that cracker and smashed it,” and “Husband snatcher…”

And there are more bee and lemon emojis than we care to count.

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The whole “attacking random women without proof on the odd chance that they could be Jay Z’s mistress” thing is actually pretty immature and pointless. There is absolutely no need for this kind of behavior, and we doubt it’s what Beyoncé wants. In fact, if you paid any attention at all to her new tracks you’d know that she’s all about celebrating women.

Plus, can everyone just take a moment to ask themselves this question: If Jay Z did cheat, why is it only the other woman who is getting all the hate?

What do you think about the Beyhive attacking every woman they think could somehow be linked to Jay Z? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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