Beyoncé fans need to remember that Jay Z is the one who cheated

When Lemonade dropped on Saturday night, no one was ready for the kind of detailed story we were going to get from Beyoncé. And I certainly wasn’t prepared to learn that Jay Z cheated on her. And as the Beehive does when someone messes with Beyoncé, her fans figured out who the other woman most likely was and started harassing her endlessly.

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Part of that is completely justified. The other woman in question, Rachel Roy, invited some controversy when she posted an Instagram photo and captioned it “good hair don’t care” right after Beyoncé sang “go find Becky with the good hair.” Clearly, she was hoping for some kind of attention.

What she got was incessant bullying from people who were calling her all kinds of ugly names and blaming her for hurting and disrespecting Beyoncé.

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But here’s the problem with that: The other woman, whether it was Roy or not, wasn’t married to Beyoncé. Jay Z is the one who promised her a committed and faithful marriage, and he messed that up. Where is his hate?

I’m not saying the woman, whomever she is, doesn’t deserve her share of the blame in this scandal. I mean, who didn’t know Jay Z was married to Beyoncé?

But the rapper has an equal part in what happened and he’s getting a very unequal portion of the blame. His worst punishment in the court of public opinion is to become the subject of some pretty hilarious memes. It may not come as a shock to people who expect this kind of sexist judgment to come from cheating scandals, but Beyoncé is a strong feminist and her fans should know better. They should stand up against undue hate and understand that it takes two to create a mess like this.

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In the middle of all the controversy, Beyoncé seems to be handling the entire thing the way we all knew she would — full of class and poise. She probably won’t speak out about the subject matter of Lemonade and I doubt she’ll even address Roy because none of it matters. Her point was to acknowledge there was another woman and that it hurt like hell to go through this, but in the end her and her husband chose love and forgiveness. Fans should focus on that instead of going after an alleged other woman.


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