The Voice‘s Prince tribute got me right in the feels

The Voice tonight proved that icon Prince will never stop commanding a crowd, despite his death last week at 57.

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The judges all took a moment before the performances to honor the legend. With the stage dimmed and flooded with purple light, they all took a moment to reflect on his impact in their personal lives and in music.

“Probably one of the most profound influences on me, personally. The whole world felt his presence always,” Adam Levine said. Adding, “He did things his way, always, to the end.”

Pharrell Williams reflected on listening to Prince’s records while growing up in Virginia. During his tribute, he appeared to be fighting back tears. “I will never forget what ‘Darling Nikki’ felt like. I will never forget what ‘I Will Die For You’ feels like.”

Christina Aguilera chimed in, calling Prince “timeless” and “legendary.”

“I loved his passion for artists,” Aguilera continued, “and artists’ rights and truly staying authentic and genuine about music.”

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County star Blake Shelton agreed, “His music still to this day can change my day. It changes my mood every time I hear it. He was larger than life, and now he’s gone.”

Check out the judges’ full comments below in case you missed them.

Admittedly, I was never a die-hard Prince fan. Don’t get me wrong, “Purple Rain” is always a good jam, and I respect and admire his legacy. He deserves it. But The Voice judges made me feel like I missed out. I feel like I now need to go back and listen to all of his music again, to pay tribute to him in my own way. Because his music will live on and deserves to live on. And The Voice judges hit home with their comments regarding his death.

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And while it was great listening to some of the standout performances from the contestants throughout the rest of the night, it was hard not to notice that none of them hit home as much as the judges’ comments about Prince.

Did you think the judges’ tribute to Prince was the most moving moment on The Voice tonight?


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