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50 Cent handled meeting his 3rd son terribly wrong

It’s impossible to know how you’d handle crazy life-changing moments. We all hope we would be calm, collected and know exactly what to say. No matter how you react when you’re in a serious situation, you’ll definitely handle it better than 50 Cent.

The rapper hosted a meet and greet for his fans in New York earlier this month where he apparently met a third son he hadn’t known before. He only revealed his son, Davian, to the public this week on his Instagram. And according to his caption, he’s really terrible during surprises.

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He wrote, “This little guy is my son DAVIAN. He started crying, I was thinking why you crying i gotta pay for this shit. LMAO.”

I may be a little more sentimental than most, but I’m pretty sure if a child who claims to be your son is crying in front of you, you shouldn’t make a joke about how much he’s going to cost you. At least not if you’re hoping to establish a relationship.

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Davian looks to have gotten past the initial shock of his father’s rude comment and has started sharing his life with 50. He’s shown off how smart he is, how much his teachers love him and pictures from his budding modeling career. All of which he did without financial support from his dad, by the way.

50 Cent has two other children from previous relationships — Marquise, 19, and Sire, 3. He didn’t say whether the three have met or hung out, but he seems to be really proud of Davian and will probably try to get all his family to get along.

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As long as he’s not shocked into any more offensive comments, I predict they’ll all get along just fine.

And 50? Please don’t reduce any child to a check again.

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